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I’m Jon Boeckenstedt, Vice Provost of Enrollment Management at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon.

The opinions on this website are almost certainly informed by my work, but are mine alone, and don’t necessarily represent the views of Oregon State University, and certainly not those of admissions professionals in general.

I believe I’m the only person in the whole world with this name, and thus, if you Google me, you almost always get me.

But, to make it easy:

My Personal Site

Oregon State EM



I’m always interested in hearing interesting and compelling ideas about Higher Education, Data Visualization, and creative conformity to the Reinheitsgebot.

7 thoughts on “About the Blogger

  1. Over the past many years, your insight, humor and challenging questions have contributed to my continued commitment to my own work as a high school counselor. Thank you!
    Janet Caner
    Windham High School
    Windham, ME.


  2. Jon, love your site and beautiful family. Thank you, I’ve shared the data site plus this with my siblings. really appreciate your sharing here. San Eng (Shanghai, father of 3, and investor into schools/education)


  3. I appreciate your insight, candor and wit. The arena of college admissions and advising high school students (and their families) gets cloudier by the minute. Thanks for being the fan that helps clears the fog.


  4. Jon, I wonder if you have data that compares AP courses taken versus GPA vis-a-vis student acceptance to colleges and universities. I am trying to better understand and balance the position by “some people” that “it’s better to have a rigorous high school course record” and “other people” who say that GPA is more important. Ideas on how I can research this better on my own? I try to always take a balanced approach with advising kids and their families, and I never want to steer kids away from the best path to college access, especially First Gen kids, but I feel like I’m losing touch with what the best path is. Thanks for your insight!


    1. Hi Tim. I’m not aware of any such research; it would be a massive undertaking and the data would probably only be made available to academic researchers with IRB clearance.


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