We Don’t Know, So We Might As Well Guess

The auto-suggest feature on my phone’s keyboard learned “coronavirus” in record time, it seems, and now gives me “Corvallis” and “coronavirus” as the only two options when I type c-o-r. No wonder. It’s pretty much all we’ve heard on the news in the past few weeks, and with a long list of campuses curtailing in-person […]

A Proposal: March 25th is Test Optional Day

A few things have been getting my attention lately (besides the impeachment of the president). One is the large numbers of colleges and universities that are making standardized tests optional or eliminating them all together. By the time March 25th rolls around, there will almost certainly be more, so I won’t even bother to mention […]

A Future with a Different CEPP/SPGP

We’ve sort of known this was coming: The Department of Justice has been looking at the NACAC CEPP (formerly the SPGP) for a while.  But people were still surprised when, this week, NACAC announced that the DOJ had backed the organization into a corner, essentially telling them to eliminate some important, foundational provisions, or face […]

Legacy Admissions and Eastern Airlines Flight 401

Within minutes of the New York Times breaking report that the Justice Department was going to investigate Affirmative Action in admissions to see if it discriminated against white people (not making this up), seven or eight people posted it in a Facebook group for college admissions people I moderate.  I’m not sure whether it was […]