A Response to Esther Cepeda

I’ve been asked to remove this post, as some people think it’s too inflammatory.  While I don’t think so, I’ll allow cooler heads to prevail for now. For now, suffice it to say that Ms. Cepeda’s recent article in the Sun Times was mean-spirited, wholly uninformed, and devoid of rational thinking. Other than that, it was fine. And […]

Fun with Admissions Data

Beckie Supiano at the Chronicle of Higher Education did a nice little blog post about my other blog, where I loaded 2010 IPEDS data into a visualization. You can read it here.  If you want to go right to my other blog post with the data, it’s here.

How to sell to Not-for-Profits

I’ve worked in higher education for almost all of my 30 years after college, but I did spend some time in for-profit companies. As a result, one of my interests is the differences between the two. I’d guess, based on my interactions in the past, that we on the not-for-profit (NFP) side understand sales people […]

More on Going “Test-Optional”

In the weeks since DePaul announced that we were going “test optional” for freshman admission, I’ve received quite a few phone calls and emails with questions. Fortunately, most of them have been very positive, and many of the questions have been thoughtful and engaging.  As is often the case with Internet discussions, the ones who jumped into the […]

DePaul University goes test-optional

I’m pleased to announce today that DePaul University is going “test-optional” for students who apply as freshmen for the fall term of 2012. The only thing that will change on the application is the requirement that you submit an ACT or SAT; if you choose not to do so, you’ll be asked to submit responses […]

An Apology to High School Sophomores

I wrote this several years ago, in response to an online discussion about whether or not sophomores were ready to think about college.  Someone just asked permission to use some of it in a book she’s writing, so I thought I would post it here, too. An Open Letter to High School Sophomores (and probably […]